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  CBS    KPIX 5 News at 5pm    News; News/Business. Allen  
   Martin and Elizabeth Cook. New.  

    October 30, 2013
    5:00 - 5:30pm PDT  

>> reporter: well, liz, the wreck is all cleaned up at this hour but i'm going to step aside so you can see a live picture of the intersection at 10th and geary. traffic flowing fine in both directions but just hours ago a very different picture here. this was the scene of both a crash and a crime. reporter: 12:20 p.m., these four cars collide. for hours, the curious passed by for a glimpse of what's happening. san francisco police say the crash started with a stolen car. >> i do know that the suspect in custody is an adult male who is about 25 years of age. >> reporter: police say the suspect was driving a stolen honda accord facing stolen vehicle charges and possibly more. he ran a red light barreling through geary and 10th and flipping a lexus suv but it didn't end there. >> the impact made the vehicle go into the westbound lanes where they made contact with
the two vehicles over there and landing behind me. >> reporter: all four drivers are in the hospital two in serious condition. a person nearby also in the hospital hit with flying debris from the wreck. >> this is something you see on a freeway, knows every day on the streets. >> reporter: he was working in the auto shop nearby, heard the crash and jumped to helped the lexus driver. >> she looked like she was okay, but she was just in shock. >> heard a crazy noise of like cars being like crashed into each other. >> reporter: authorities now have both an accident and a crime scene on their hands. but they say at this time, the victims are a top priority. >> our main focus is to make sure that everyone is recovering at the hospital receiving medical attention and trying to piece together the collision. >> reporter: so police are still trying to figure out how the suspect stole the honda accord and, of course, who the
stolen car belongs to. live in inner richmond, mark kelly, kpix 5. there's been another accident involving a san francisco rec and park truck . it hit a 12-year-old boy this morning and hit an oncoming car. the boy will be okay and police say it's unclear who was at fault or whether the child was in a crosswalk. witnesses say the city driver tried to swerve around him. >> i think the car coming and hit a little boy and maybe he tried to run other side from the child and she hit another car. >> this is the second accident in two months involving a rec and park vehicle. on september 5 a city worker ran over and killed a woman at holly park. he is charged with vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run. developing news in the sierra foothills. searchers looking for a missing bay area gold prospector have found a body. right now there's no
confirmation it's 65-year-old walte steever. the body was found 1500 feet from his truck. he left his home in san jose a week ago to mine for gold near the south yuba river. the body hasn't been identified. steever's family is at the scene. the shooting death of andy lopez, investigators released two key pieces of information about what happened the moments leading up to the teenager's death. ryan takeo with the warning given to 13-year-old andy lopez moments before the shooting. ryan. >> reporter: allen, good evening. these protestors behind me are here yet again to protest what happened just a couple of weeks ago. now, investigators, they released some new information today. it's raising a big question, did the deputy involved identify himself as law enforcement before shooting? it's not clear if deputy eric
gelhaus identified himself as a law enforcement officer before he shot and killed 14-year-old andy lopez. an investigator told the "chronicle" the deputy couldn't remember if he told the teen he was a deputy. he said he felt lopez threatened his life after the deputy told him to drop it. the airsoft rifle looks like the real thing. the report also said a witness warned lopez cops were in the airplane and to put the replica gun away. >> it's a tragedy. the death could have been prevented. >> reporter: as a response to the shooting, california state senator kevin de leon wants to reintroduce legislation. >> these guns are being manufactured, these toy guns, airsoft guns, to be either translucent or some sort of discriminating color where it's a neon color. >> total waste of time and tax dollars. >> reporter: ryan sells these toy guns at his store. he says coloring them won't work. >> that's not what people want.
you can change the legislation all you want. but if the kid buys a gun that's all pink or clear they are just going to spray-paint it. >> reporter: he points out many kids take off the orange rings mandated for all toy guns. the ring was off lopez's gun. state senator de leon says the change needs to be made for safety. >> when you have folks whose actually losing their lives, this model has to change. >> the tragedy isn't what happened and trying to prevent that. they are going to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. >> reporter: this protest will wind through the city streets about a mile to the old courthouse downtown. now, organizers say there will be more of these protests until they say they find justice. ryan takeo, kpix 5. new at 5:00 multiple agencies including the fbi are now looking into the case involving people abandoned at a castro valley care facility. this comes as we're learning more about what happened at valley springs manor. a cook says state workers were
at the facility all last week but left friday afternoon. firefighters also showed up to respond to 911 calls but they were unaware that the facility had been shut down. the cook said he felt the need to stay behind. >> just can't see myself stay with us leaving the residents in there like -- i couldn't. i couldn't -- i couldn't do that. maybe they would have tried to cook for themselves and burned the whole place up. >> authorities say one of the residents is missing. 65-year-old edmond bascomb wanders off. he was last seen at the san leandro bart station friday. another heated exchange on capitol hill today about the failed healthcare website. this time health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was in the hot seat taking full responsibility s. >> although was in charge as it was being built? >> -- was in charge -- >> at that team who is the individual -- >> michelle snyder. >> michelle snyder is the one
responsible for this debacle? >> well, excuse me, congresswoman, michelle snyder is not responsible for the debacle. hold me accountable for the debacle. >> thank you, i yield back. >> sebelius also blamed the private contractors who built that site. she promises the site will be fixed by the end of november. in boston, the president defended the highly criticized rollout pointing to the slow start in massachusetts when that commonwealth reformed its healthcare in 2006. >> and today, there is nearly universal coverage in massachusetts! and the vast majority of its citizens are happy with their coverage. [ applause ] >> the president also stood by his promise that if you like your health coverage you can keep it. he said americans are only losing coverage because insurers have had to change those plans to meet the new healthcare law's requirements an unexpected detour for some passengers headed to sfo. the in-flight emergency that left them stranded in a remote
alaskan town. >> it was meant to be. i was supposed to be there for her at that moment. and i was. >> a bus driver follows his gut. how he went against the rules of his job to save a woman's life. >> sunshine in sausalito and just about everywhere throughout the bay area. what a pleasant afternoon we have with temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. live look outside tonight, yeah, no marine layer. we'll talk about how warm we'll get, your trick or treat forecast and another cooldown, it's all next. >> here, you get candy. you get a letter. >> instead of treats, one woman's dishing out a little tough love. the message that's sparking a firestorm of controversy. ,, ,,,,,,
san francisco. the plane.. which took off an unscheduled stop for passengers on board a delta flight headed to san francisco. the plane from tokyo made an emergency landing in a remote part of alaska because of a possible issue with one of the engines.
the photo shows a boeing 767 after it landed in the airport at cold bay alaska around 6 a.m. 167 passengers, 11 crew on board flight 208. some spent the day at the cold bay lodge as they waited for a replacement plane. passengers now scheduled to get into sfo about 8:00 tonight. an arrest in the murder of a hayward father who was walking home with his daughter after buying ice cream. police say 24-year-old derek turner shot and killed thomas cunningham in november of 2009. investigators believe turner got upset when one of cunningham's dogs started smelling his leg. turner apparently asked cunningham to hold the dogs back and the two men exchanged words. that's when police say turner opened fire. sfpd have identified the suspect in sunday's officer- involved shooting as 19-year- old rammel nevarez of san fernando. police say he was awaiting trial on charges that he robbed victims who offered cash for
iphones on craigslist. navarez was shot after officers responded to a fight at chestnut and pierce streets in the city's marina district. he was found hiding in a nearby bush and officers find at him when he pulled out a gun. although he is still in serious condition he is booked on second-degree murder, robbery and battery charges. state officials recommend pg&e be fined the maximum amount for its recordkeeping over a san carlos pipeline because a gas line might fail and cause a repeat of the san bruno disaster. the proposed fine is $6.75 million. the public utilities commission could make a decision in december on the final amount. a bicyclist cheats death. the split second decision that saved his life. >> the campaign to change the colors of m&ms what it could mean for your children's health.
today after the federal res said the economy still need help from its stimulus prog stock market dipped a bit today after the federal reserve said the economy still needs help from the stimulus program. the dow, s&p and nasdaq closed with modest losses after starting the day off with small gains. another day, more spying allegations against the nsa. this time, it involves two bay
area tech giants. the "washington post" reporting the nsa broke into data centers belonging to google and yahoo. both companies responded saying they were unaware that those centers were being tapped by the nsa. but more allegations of u.s. spying on world leaders religious leaders. the newest claim, the nsa listening to calls at the vatican including during the papal conclave. this is the latest on the claim that the u.s. spied all over the world. for almost 6 months a year, residents get no direct sunlight. in order to get their fix, they would have to take a cable car to the top of a hillside. now newly installed mirrors track the sun and are tilted to reflect the rays into the town square. the lack of sunlight isn't lost on the norwegian tourism authority. >> if people get sun, they will be more healthy and they will
work better. >> if they get shade and shadow and darkness not so much. >> yeah. that's true. >> the mirrors were brought in by helicopter and cost $850,000. in amsterdam a quick- thinking cyclist barely escaped death as he was pet dalling through a storm on monday. watch as he approaches a massive tree. that comes crashing down because of those strong winds as you saw there. fortunately he verse to the left just in time to avoid the falling tree. >> a bus driver being called a hero after he stopped a woman from jumping off a bridge over a highway in buffalo. surveillance video from the bus shows the woman climbing over the guardrail on a narrow ledge. the driver decided that follow the rules that require him to tell dispatch, he opened the doors and called out to her. when she didn't respond, he swung into action. >> felt like i did what i was supposed to do at the time. you know, i'm a football guy.
so, you know, we sit on a bench and a coach calls your number you got to go in there and make a play and you got to do what the play calls for. and i think that's what i did. >> yeah. darnell, you made the play. after the rescue the bus driver got a standing ovation from high school students who had been watching through the bus window. you can hear them applauding there. thank goodness he was there. >> yes. >> amazing. >> good guy. pretty weather. >> what a nice day. >> chilly. >> not cold, not like they are seeing back east. very crisp today. temperatures only a couple of degrees below normal. hope you enjoyed it, chilly start and mild finish. here's a look at the golden gate. currently we have a lack of marine layer really going to shut down that fog machine because the temperature difference between the water and land is not there as we cool things off. beautiful view. >> livermore the warm spot 68. these are not warm temperatures but also not cold. san jose, santa rosa, 65. san francisco 61 in the city
and oakland checking in at 64. it will be another chilly night tonight not as chilly as yesterday but lots of low 40s including you in fremont, dropping down to 42 tonight. napa also 42. santa rosa 40. san rafael 43. for all you parents out there, myself included, you get the kids up early and ready for school, sunrise now is after 7:30 next week it will be about 6:40. so that sun will be up earlier when we fall back on saturday night. but between now and then we have halloween trick or treating tomorrow night even milder should be a clear nice evening as the sun goes down at 6:12 and should be fine for the trick or treaters. they won't be sweating nor freezing in their costumes tomorrow. low is gone. the low pressure area started dealing with us on sunday in the form of winds then cold for a couple of days, even so kind of chilly today. that's out of the weather picture. it's kansas', new mexico's problem, no longer for us. so for us we have high pressure building in. high pressure positioned just off to our west, typically gives us near normal temperatures this time of year. that's what we'll have but that's going to be milder
because we have been chilly. so tomorrow and friday and saturday, each will be sunny and mild great weather for you to get outside especially for the first half of the weekend. on sunday, just like last sunday, we have a cold front that's going to move in. this one is not going to come as close or be as strong but it will be cooler. we'll have highs back down to the 60s and we'll see a breeze increase as clouds also increase coming up on sunday. can't even buy a chance of rain with a front moving through but it will be the second dry front coming through. next front is sunday, no rainfall, breezy and cooler. the next three days will be mild. halloween forecast, get any better? san jose 71. livermore back up to 72. palo alto you'll hit 69 degrees. mountain view 70. hayward milpitas right around 70 degrees. pleasanton you'll hit 73 tomorrow, beautiful in pittsburg and also fairfield and walnut creek. highs in the low 70s, vallejo 71. sausalito 65. san rafael 72. bodega bay low 60s along the
coastline. sonoma 73. san leandro 70. cloverdale 72. and ukiah after a cold start your high 72 degrees. first day of november will be in the upper 70s away from the water. a little cooler on saturday but still very pleasant, sunday is that transition day back to the 60s and we'll stay there for a few days. but really nothing too terribly cold. and not one chance of rain. this is now six days into november that forecast. we can't get any rain around here. >> my goodness. >> we are going to start hoping for a miracle march before we know it and we haven't even gotten to november. >> we are already talking about march, you know we're dry. >> any indications, i know the models only go so far, any indications that rain may be in our forecast three or four weeks down the road? >> yes. we will see a pattern change if long-range computer forecast models can be believed. i have been looking for the past three or four days, about mid-november the overall pattern moves from high to lower pressure which may open the storm door. cross our fingers. >> thank you, paul.
not a warm welcome for new uc president janet napolitano in oakland this morning. protestors greeted her as she arrived to speak with students at oakland tech high school upset over the number of deportations that happened on her watch as homeland security secretary. san jose police are trying to figure out who stole about $70,000 worth of laptops and ipads from river glen elementary school over the weekend. parents spent twoers. >> raising money for those ipads. the computers -- two years raising money for those ipads. the high deductible means the equipment will not be replaced soon. the golden warriors play the lakers tonight. t-shirts will be waiting on the seats for 20,000 fans. tip-off 7:30 but the lakers coming off a season opening win against the clippers last night. instead of candy some trick or treaters getting a warning an honest note that may do more harm than good. ,,
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has some color concerns ands urging people "not" to hand a popular candy to trick-or-treaters. julie was on the consumerwatch explai. halloween tomorrow and a consumer watchdog group urges people not to hand out a popular candy to the trick or treaters. julie watts on the consumerwatch explains why. reporter: it's a halloween favorite that's been around for years. >> i love m and ms. >> i like them. >> reporter: but not everyone likes the bright red, yellow, blue, green and brown m&ms sold in the u.s. >> they are loaded with food dyes. >> reporter: michael jacobson is leading a campaign to convince the maker of m and ms to stop coloring the candy with artificial dyes like blue 1, yellow 5 and red 40. >> these food dyes trigger hyperactivity or other behavioral problems in children. >> reporter: the fda acknowledges that artificial dyes are a problem but only for some children. a report published two years
ago found artificial dyes may exacerbate problems in children established to hyperactivity in other kids. however, that's already led to change in europe. products with artificial dyes there must carry a warning label. so to get around that, m&ms sold in europe are now colored with natural dyes that are a little less vibrant. >> why don't they do that here? why do we need chemicals? >> reporter: jacobson says it's largely about money. >> synthetic food dyes tend to be brighter, more stable and much cheaper than natural colorings. >> reporter: but many say it shouldn't be about money; it should be about health, especially on halloween. >> even if your own child isn't affected, some of the trick or treaters might be. >> reporter: now, mars the maker of m&ms says it has absolute confidence in the safety of all of its ingredients. the petition to
change m&ms now has more than 104,000 signatures. and it might sound familiar. the same group targeted clear yoes a few weeks ago demanding it be made the same way here as in europe without gmos. >> that's a tough train to stop. >> reporter: it won't be. >> what happened to the ones you brought to the newsroom? >> gone in two minutes. >> reporter: i can't tell you how many people who walked by my desk and said, can i have those? >> they need to make them less addictive. >> i like them the way they are. [ laughter ] >> better for our waistlines. >> mm-hm. one neighbor won't be giving kids tricks or treats this halloween. instead, she will give a message to any child she feels is overweight. the north dakota woman plans to give children she thinks are moderately obese this letter. it tells parents, quote, step up and stop unhealthy eating habits. she spoke about her decision on a local radio show.
>> just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. i think it's just really irresponsible of parents to sort of send them out looking for free candy just because all the other kids are doing it. >> some psychologists say a person's appearance doesn't necessarily reflect if they are healthy or not. they say the letter is a bad idea and it might do more damage than good. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, now there's evidence that the federal healthcare website has security flaws. late today, the president took owner ship of the problems and we'll tell you what he had to say. plus, does head gear in youth football and soccer prevent concussions? we'll have the results of a major new medical study out tonight. those stories and the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
for days now - we've been seeking answers about this arge in the bay... i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00 tonight for days now we have been seeking answers about this mysterious barge in the bay. well, tonight the coast guard finally breaks its silence. and how a new report claims the bay area county is failing to do its part to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. liz, allen? >> thank you, ken. >> we'll see you then. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
>> p ht, maybe it's a good thing it's broken now it's evidence, the federal health care website has security flaws. today the president took ownership -- >> i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> pelley: while a top official adopted a new description. >> accountable for the debacle. >> pelley: nancy cordes is on capitol hill. sharyl attkisson learned details of the prelaunch test that failed. does headgear in youth football and soccer prevent concussions? dr. john lapook has major new study. christians are persecuted in egypt. their churches torched. clarissa ward investigates. and in this town the sun doesn't rise above the ridge. now mark phillips reports thanks